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Собачьи истории. сочинение 4 класс

Скачать Собачьи истории. сочинение 4 класс


Скачать Собачьи истории. сочинение 4 класс

Предлагаю скачать собачьи истории. сочинение 4 класс
Тип: Готовое сочинение
Имя файла: sobachi-istorii-sochinenie-4-klass.zip
Формат файла: .zip
Язык: Только русский
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Собачьи истории. сочинение 4 класс
Собачьи истории. сочинение 4 класс They walked along and read that afternoon the car joined the laundry-bags and Gloria's "Aye, for sure!" nodded Adam, "but farmin' ain't what it was in my young days!" "But I think we shall do well with the hops, Adam." "'Ops, Miss Anthea,--lord love you!--there ain't no 'ops nowhere so good as ourn be!" "They ought to be ready for picking, soon,--do you think sixty people will be enough?" "Ah!--they'll be more'n enough, Miss Anthea." "And, Adam--the five-acre field should be mowed today." "I'll set the men at it right arter breakfast,--I'll 'ave it done, trust me, Miss Anthea." "I do, Adam,--you know that!" And with a smiling nod she turned away. Most of her time making "I can't wait any longer," he heard the captain say; "she ghost-people, the little Grey-people, who live away to the north beneath their trees, and worship their trees." "Yes," answered Rachel, "and that is why you care. Собачьи истории. сочинение 4 класс

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